The Stiernberg Cemetery is located near Old Settlement Rd. on private property.

 The cemetery is on a natural sand mound with a large anaqua tree near the center.

Historical Commission Marker Chair, John Kassner, visited the Stiernberg Cemetery along with Joe Brett and Gary Ralston on 4/5/13.

Kenny Finster (L), County Commissioner, discusses the Stiernberg Cemetery with Joe Brett.


Walter Spiller and Jody Brett uprighting a base that had sunk deep in the ground. Nelson Marek providing moral support. (April 2014)

Base has been reset and John Kassner preparing cement to hold the upper stone in place. Steve Koch, Jody Brett, alter Spiller and Nelson Marek.


John Kassner finishing cementing stone in place.

 A few of the interested observers in the area that day.


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