A GPR Survey was performed at the Indianola Cemetery in March 2022. A large number of unmarked burials was discovered by the survey.

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The Capt's Mausoleum Project
Feb 2012 - Jody Brett, Steve Koch, and Mary Belle Meitzen recently completed a project to build a concrete form and embed a commemorative plaque in honor of Capt. Thomas Mainland at the previously unnamed mausoleum in the Indianola Cemetery.- Photo by Mary Belle Meitzen
Port O'Connor Cemetery Officially Recorded 2/28/12

Calhoun County's cemeteries serve as a key to our history and are as diverse as its heritage. There are 45 cemeteries for Calhoun County listed in the Texas Historical Commission Atlas.

The Calhoun County Cemetery Committee follows the Texas Historical Commission History Program recommendations. Cemeteries are recorded, investigated, and protected.

Ranger and Clark Cemeteries are listed as RIP Cemeteries. RIP is the THC cemetery survey initiative: Record - Investigate - Protect. The program helps local volunteer groups take charge of neglected historic cemeteries across Texas by providing education, consultation, andassistance. There are eight cemeteries which have received the Historic Texas Cemetery Designation:

o Ranger
o Clark
o Hatch
o Indianola
o Cemetery on the Ridge
o Zimmerman
o Seadrift
o Port O'Connor

Individual tombstones may be located on the website Find A Grave. (Courtesy of commission member Clif Baccus.)


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o Find A Grave: Calhoun County Cemeteries

Cemetery Projects

o Sonneman - Fall 2012
o Stiernberg - April 2013-14
o Little Mary - Spring 2013


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