o Ed Bell - Master Story Teller (Leann Bell)
o Sgt. William H. Barnes, 38th USCT (Gary Ralston)
o Indianola and the Chihuahua Road (Nelson Marek)
o Calhoun County in WWII (Mary Belle Meitzen)
o Don Martin de Leon (John Foester)
o Dr. Edward Fred Knipling (John Foester)
o Sunlight Girls Club (Mary Belle Meitzen)
o The Great Camel Experiment (Doug Baum)
o Howard Gallemore Hartzog Sr (John Kassner)
o Port O'Connor Cemetery (Mary Belle Meitzen)
o German Immigration to Texas (John Foester)
o Battle of Norris Bridge (Gary Ralston)
o Mission Refugio (John Foester)
o Cotton Gins of Calhoun County (Walter Spiller)
o Judge Henry J. Huck 1822-1905 (Jeff Huck & Lou Cuccia)
o Kamey Community (Mary Belle Meitzen)
o Springs of Calhoun County (Gary Ralston)

A key responsibility of the Calhoun County Historical Commission is to author applications for Texas Historical Markers. Markers commemorate diverse subjects and can include historic structures over 50 years of age, individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the county or state, military sites, community organizations, religious congregations and events that impacted county or state history - just to name a few.

Commission members are also available to assist local citizens or groups with creation of a marker application.


The Great Camel Experiment Marker - Installed 8/29/14.


Howard G. Hartzog - Marker dedication October 25, 2014 - 2 pm Calhoun County Courthouse. Keynote speaker wias General Land Office Commissioner, Jerry Patterson. Full Marker Story...

Ed Bell Marker Dedication

The Sgt William H. Barnes marker was dedicated on June 19, 2014.


The Chihuahua Road marker was dedicated on July 12, 2014.

 The Calhoun County in WWII marker was dedicated on Memorial Day 2014.


As of October 2011, Calhoun County has 45 Subject Markers and five Texas Historical Cemetery Designation Markers. The CCHC Marker Committee follows the Texas Historical Commission guidelines for submission of an application. The CCHC Marker committee reviews and verifies applications which in turn are approved by the Calhoun County Historical Commission before submitting the Sponsorship Application Form to the Texas Historical Commission.

Members of the Marker Committee include: Mary Belle Meitzen (Chair), Jon Kassner, Walter Spiller, Nelson Marek, Gary Ralston, John Meitzen, and Fabian Balboa. Meetings are scheduled as necessary.

A Calhoun County "Marker Booklet" is available at the Calhoun County Museum in Port Lavaca at 301 S. Ann. Calhoun County Historical Markers


o Texas Historical Commission Historical Markers & Designations: thc.state.tx.us
o Calhoun County Museum calhouncountymuseum.org


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